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Here at Raisin fine Wines at this time of year we are often asked “What is the best wine to pair with either the: Turkey/​Beef Wellington/​Butternut Squash/​Goose/​Venison or Salmon?”. Our usual reply is, whatever wine you really enjoy drinking either with your family or friends no matter what the occasion. However at Christmas many of us feel pressured into serving up NEW and exciting wines for their guests. So here are a few selections that The Memsahib and I will be recommending when you come in:

Bogegas Norton Finca La Colonia, Torrontes, Salta Argentina, 2014 £9.39

There really are no words that can fully describe the beauty and intensity of ripe fruit. Pink grapefruit, jasmine flowers, kiwi fruit, lychee and citrus melon.

Butternut Squash, Turkey, Salmon.

Casa Lapostolle Semillon, Rapel Valley Chile, 2012 £11.79

I don’t know why but when I smell this I get aromas of mandarin orange, apple pie (NOT Sarah Lee’s!) and then for some reason baked banana..yes, I know bananas..and no I don’t understand it either! However this is a wine that is finely balanced between freshness of fruit and acididty.

Turkey, Salmon, Goose, Butternut Squash.

Verdiicchio dei Castelli di Jesu Classico, Marche Italy, 2013 £9.39

A magnificent whack of zesty pear and gooseberry erupt from the glass all tangled up in a bouquet garni of fresh herbs. On the palate you are treated to a cornucopia of fresh lime, elderflower and youthful kiwi-​fruits that drench the mouth.

Turkey, Salmon.

Terra Andina Pinot Noir, Aconcagua Valley Chile, 2013 £11.39

Move over Nuits-​St-​Georges, Volnay and Pommard there’s a new kid in town. The vignerons of Burgundy can only dream of making a wine of this quality at this price. Ripe, succulent redcurrant, plum, pomegranate and fresh mint assail the senses. The palate is awash with macerated strawberries, mushroom and cranberry…Oh and those dreams the French vignerons have, they must be nightmares!

Turkey, Salmon, Butternut Squash, Goose.

Amalaya Red Hess family Estates, Calchaqui Valley Argentina, 2013 £12.99

One of the customer favourites at our “Steak and Malbec” event in October, and it’s not hard to see why. A blend of Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon that is in complete harmony. The perfume is reminiscent of red and blackcurrant pastilles, fruit compote and freshly hewn mint. The palate is decorated with creme de cassis, cracked black pepper, brambles and blackcurrant leaf.

Venison, Beef Wellington, Goose.

Da Vinci Chianti, Cantine Leonardo Tuscany, 2012 £12.79

I Love this Chianti. It delivers everything that a true Sangiovese should. Pumped up bitter cherry, lavendar, red plums and bushels of blackcurrants with a delightful tingle of spice and Basil leaf.

Butternut Squash, Turkey, Salmon, Goose.

Casa Lapostolle, Carmenere, “Cuvee Alexandre”, Apalta Vineyard, Colchagua Valley, Chile, 2012, £16.89

There is Carmenere and then there is CARMENERE! This is truly one of the greatest wines that we stock. The fruit extraction is incredible, it’s like watching a black and whiite television for years then someone shows up with a plasma screen. The juicy plum, mocha, cassis, vanilla pod, morello cherry and eucalyptus leaf are all in perfect Hi Definition, a wine that truly takes this grape to another level.

Venison, Beef Wellington.

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