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Wine types

Viticulture, the basics.


Just what on earth is it?

Well, put simply it is the aim of the winemaker to produce a crop of fruit, with enough sugar, proteins, acids and a myriad of other vital compounds within the rules set down by that regions laws.

Vituculturists have to remain vigilant however of the laws and regulations associated with their region, be that grape varieties, the planting density of the vines, treatment of the soil or even the very root stock used.


The average vine requires over 1500 hours of sunshine to create enough sugars for it’s fruit to be harvestable. The art of canopy management is important here as the viticulturist must not allow the grapes to get scorched during the hot summer months and therefore the leaves of the vine must be managed.


A well drained soil that has the right mineral balance between nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium is essential. However the right amount of nitrogen must be carefully controlled, this can be a by product of the natural hummus and organic manures already found in the soil.

The Vine

A vine’s roots can extend for up to a depth of 15 meters in some deep fertile soils where it will seek out vital nutrients in order to produce a healthy fruit crop.

A vine can be divided up into many parts, those being; the roots, the trunk, branches, the shoots or canes, the leaves and of course the flowers, which when pollinated become grapes.

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